Filing bankruptcy can help you make a new financial start

by | Mar 19, 2012 | Legal Advice

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Consumers of today do not shy away from expensive purchases. Be it a fancy car, a luxurious villa or expensive jewelry, marketers are luring buyers with attractive finance options. They tie-up with banks and financial institutions and give them the opportunity to easily qualify and apply for loans. This empowers a buyer and enables him to make monthly payments based on his income. The payment includes the principal amount and the interest and the borrower is required to pay within a specified date each month. All is well till here. Problems creep up when a creditor is unable to make the payments within the due date. If he falters for a month or two, he is penalized with late fees and maybe, a hike in the interest rate as well. But if he is a consistent defaulter, creditors can become a source of nuisance. If you happen to be in debt and spend sleepless nights thinking how to repay them, filing for bankruptcy is the most feasible option for you.

Federal law can come to your aid if you default in your payments

Contrary to popular belief, the process is not as complicated as it seems and cases get resolved more quickly than you think. Another issue that might keep you from not proceeding further is your credit score. But it is very likely your credit scores have already been ruined if you are not able to keep up with your payments. Your creditworthiness does take a beating but consider this. There are creditors who are willing to lend you new credit based on the fact you are newly-bankrupt. This will give your shattered confidence the push to carry on and start your life afresh. There are many debt relief agencies and law firms who can help you resolve issues with creditors and make the process of filing for bankruptcy smoother. Claiming bankruptcy is an effective way to eliminate the legal obligation to pay most of your debts.

Everybody has the right to file

An individual or business has the right to file which is provided by federal law and is administered at a federal court. When you file bankruptcy, you come under the purview of federal law and it puts a stop to creditors wanting to collect their debts from you till the time these debts are sorted according to law. It is a new start for someone who has been receiving calls from creditors asking for their money or receiving summons for repossessing property or vehicles. Call your local law firm and seek professional advice and legal guidance as to how you can put an end to all your financial worries.

If you are finding it difficult to pay your creditors, consider filing for bankruptcy. Indianapolis has some of the most trusted debt relief agencies you can discuss your issues with.

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