Experienced Live-in & Hourly Home Care Assistance

by | Nov 19, 2013 | Health Care

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If you’re a senior who’s having difficulty completing daily tasks, or are in need of skillful, round-the-clock home care assistance, a trusted caregiving agency may have the solution you’re in need of. Certified nurses and nurse’s assistants who offer in-home services can help you manage day-to-day chores in your home while providing adequate medical care. Many elderly patients choose to go the route of in-home care, as it allows them to remain in their homes and stick to a schedule that matches their activeness and pace.

Differing Levels of Care
A wide variety of individuals can benefit from home care assistance, such as seniors who need light, daily care, or Alzheimer’s patients who require hourly supervision. Through the services of a dedicated caregiving company, individuals coping with cancer, and other debilitating illnesses can receive the nursing and assistance they need to manage daily tasks. Whether you’re a patient recovering from surgery at home, or a homebound veteran in need of consistent care, a qualified agency will assess your unique needs and provide the exact services you require.

24/7 Assistance
Many agencies offer both live-in and hourly care to individuals in need of services for themselves or an elderly loved one. Live-in care is a viable option for patients searching for a trained and certified nurse or nurse’s assistant to provide full-time, round-the-clock assistance. Seniors coping with life-altering diseases, injuries, or illnesses may find live-in care especially helpful, as it provides a sense of much-needed peace of mind for them and family members. Typically, caregivers also provide assistance to clients during hospital visits by ensuring they understand their diagnosis and options, collaborating with medical staff, and keeping family members updated.

Help with Day-to-Day Tasks
Hourly services are also available to clients in need of light housekeeping, meal preparation, accompaniment to doctor’s appointments, help with shopping and errands, medication reminders, and assistance with other daily activities. In-home caregiving services, regardless of the level of care an individual requires, typically garner favorable results because they’re provided by a professional in familiar environment for the patient. Accordingly, in-home care is often an excellent alternative to nursing or retirement homes, where seniors who wish to retain their independence would likely feel stifled.

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