Everything you need to know about the Handi Quilter

Since it came on the market more than ten years ago, the Handi Quilter has revolutionised quilting. With this one piece of equipment, just about anyone can make the most amazingly designed quilts in no time at all. Everyone in the family can use one and it’s easy to find in over 700 retail outlets around the world.

The Handi Quilter is designed to be portable enough to take with you everywhere – including on vacation. You can attach it to any table and get to work. Remember though, a nice big folding banquet table is best. If you’re designing a big quilt, you might need a table almost 11-ft long. Once set up though, it should be easy to use.

The Handi Quilter is a sewing machine fitted on an aluminium frame consisting of three poles. These can be elongated and shortened depending on size requirements. The whole thing is set on brackets which can be loosened and then tightened to fit the quilt in place then taken out again. What’s more, the dual-carriages that the quilter sits on can be moved in all directions to create all sorts of inventive patterns. However there’s more to the Handi Quilter, even if you bought your Handi Quilter Avante in Seattle WA, than meets the eye.


The Handi Quilter comes as a kit that you have to assemble yourself, but that isn’t difficult. It shouldn’t take any time at all to put together. When you buy the quilter, even if you buy yourHandi Quilter Avante in Seattle WA, you will get a videotape guide that will take you through every step of the way.

The video will begin by teaching you how to set up the aluminium rods which the quilter sits on as well as the two carriages which rest on the tracks. You will need a screwdriver and wrench to put everything together properly. However, don’t tighten everything up too much because you need the sewing machine to run smoothly.

Loading your first quilt

Towards the end the video it will tell you how the quilt is loaded into the quilter and how the whole thing is operated. You will need plenty of pins to hold everything down and follow the right pattern. Practice on some thin piece of muslin before working on an actual quilt. The video will also show you how create your first designs which may look easy but will require some practice. The whole thing needs to be moved at the right pace – not too fast or you’ll end up with big stitches. Smaller stitches require slow methodical movement so try not to rush things.

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