Enrolling Your Child to Private School in Silver Spring

Most people think that it is more expensive to enroll their children in private schools. Although this may be true, private schools offer some benefits that are not available in public schools. Silver spring, Maryland has very many public schools. However, there are private schools in Silver Spring for parents who want to use this education option for their children. There are some basic things that make a private school a favorable choice over a public school. A few include

     *     The child gets more personal attention

Unlike public schools, most private schools have smaller classes. The classes rarely exceed 15 children at a given lesson. This ensures that the ratio of teacher to student is higher than that observed in the more crowded public schools. The teacher is therefore able to give each child individual attention. Some children tend to hide behind others in large and packed classes. This makes it difficult for the teacher to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This is why private schools prefer smaller classes to ensure that the children are addressed at individual levels.

     *     Better academic performance

Generally, private schools record a better performance in academics than public schools. The main reason for this is because the teachers in private have a closer relationship with the children. The small classes here enable them to identify weaknesses and strengths in the children and address them immediately. Crowded classes in public schools do not allow the teacher to make such observations until after they have marked the tests. This may be quite late to take significant measures. Another reason for the better academic performance in private schools is the kind of learning approach used. Teachers in these schools are mostly required to use different approaches, modern and traditional. This gives the children a wide range of approaches to choose the one that favors them.

     *     They offer balanced education programs

Most private schools offer a balanced education program. This program contains sufficient parts for academics, sports and other extracurricular activities. Children in these schools get this advantage because most sports in the schools are coached and supervised. The teachers in the schools are picked in such a way that they have passion in both academics and sports. The child gets to bond more with the teacher if they interact in all these activities. This is usually not the case in public schools where the children are left to play on their own without supervision.

     *     High discipline

Most private schools have very strict codes of conduct. The rules in the schools are enforced to ensure that the children observe them at all times. Breaking the rules carries dire consequences in these schools. Public schools usually face a problem in enforcing the rules.

Although these benefits apply in many private schools, not all are this good. It is therefore good to carry a research on the private school in Silver Spring that you intend to take your child to. It is also good to consider other factors such as the location of the school. It is important to know the neighborhood and how it may affect the child.



Feynman School, a private school in Silver Spring offers a quality environment to help your child attain their potential. The child learns together with other sharp minds to improve their creativity and talents and coached by well educated and trained faculty.




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