Enhance Your Yard and Landscaping with Tree Pruning in Denver NC

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Loan

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Trees grown in a variety of forms and the natural characteristics of these plants can be highlighted through their use in landscaping and through maintenance practices such as pruning. At the same time, pruning can greatly help to maintain tree health and appearance. As a result, pruning is a great way to enhance your yard and the landscaping around your home. But what are the different types of pruning that are available? This article includes a brief discussion of some of the applications for tree pruning and can help you decide which services would be of value to you.

Japanese Tree Pruning

You have probably heard of or seen Bonsai trees. The term “Bonsai” refers specifically to potted plants cared for in a particular Japanese pruning style. In regards to landscaping, however, there are Japanese arboriculture processes which can be applied to larger, ornamental trees in order to give them the desired Bonsai-like look. When it comes to tree pruning in Denver NC, look for professionals who deal with this form of tree care; because it involves traditional Japanese methods, this process of shaping trees into works of art requires much skill and patience.

Japanese tree pruning is obviously prevalent in the East, but is increasing in popularity in the West. A skilled arborist will prune your tree so as to encourage it to grow in the traditional Japanese style. This can allow trees to grow in such a way that they follow roof lines, artfully resemble distant mountains or other natural features, and work well with the natural flow of your property.

Vista Pruning

For homes that are in close proximity or could have spectacular views of the natural landscape or a cityscape, vista pruning is a helpful technique used in tree pruning. In Denver NC you may want to see the waters of Lake Norman, but trees could be blocking your way. Rather than removing the trees or even amputating full branches, vista pruning can help to reclaim your view by pruning a window or carefully trimming branches in a way that does not inhibit the growth or health of your trees.

Vista pruning helps to increase visual access while maintaining privacy where desired, so it is especially useful in high population areas and tourist regions. This allows you to see the beautiful lake, mountains, forests, city, etc. without compromising or devaluing the private retreat that is your home or vacation property.