Don’t Fight Insurance Companies Alone, Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

People who have been seriously injured in a car crash should call an Auto Accident Lawyer in Phoenix as soon as possible. Lawyers from the law offices of Jay A. Bansal will meet with people at their home and even in the hospital to help them assess their case. People who were injured because another person was negligent will be filing a claim with a large insurance company. They will need a lawyer on their side who will aggressively fight for a fair settlement offer. These lawyers have a history of success that speaks for itself. They have gotten six and seven figure settlements for previous clients.

Insurance companies have lawyers and adjusters who are skilled at minimizing the money they pay out for claims. It’s not uncommon for insurance company employees to visit injured people in the hospital to offer them a very low settlement. To a person without medical insurance facing large bills, this looks like a large sum of money. However, it is usually a very small fraction of the amount of money they are entitled to. If they accept the offer, they sign away their rights to asking for any additional damages. An Auto Accident Lawyer in Phoenix will make sure that they understand their actions and receive the highest settlement possible.

Once the injured person hires an Auto Accident Lawyer in Phoenix all communication with the insurance company is handled through the attorney. This prevents their client from damaging their case. Often insurance adjusters visit injured people and convince them to sign over medical records so they can assess their needs. Unfortunately people don’t realize that they are signing releases for their entire medical history throughout their lives. Insurance company doctors and lawyers then scour this information looking for reasons to deny the claim.

If a person alleges their back was injured in the car accident, the insurance company may attempt to claim that it was a pre-existing condition. Accident lawyers will bring in their own medical experts to show that the accident caused new and much more serious injuries to the back and neck. They will also estimate how long it will take for the person to recover. If it will be a life-long battle, then the person deserves a long-term settlement. To know more visit Law Office of Jay A Bansal.




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