Dog Grooming With Animal Hospitals In Johns Creek

Many animal hospitals offer pet grooming services to ease your busy lifestyle. If you plan to do it yourself, start with small grooming sessions until your dog gets used to it and then you can gradually increase the grooming time. Any grooming session should include brushing, bathing and nail clipping. This article provides some important tips for dog grooming.

Talk To Animal Hospitals In Johns Creek About Dog Coat Brushing

Brushing keeps the hair untangled and healthy by loosening the dirt and spreading the natural oil in the coat. It also keeps the skin clean and is a good time to make sure that your dog in not infested by fleas.

For smooth and short coat use a rubber brush to loosen the dirt and then use a bristled brush to remove the dead hair. Use a chamois cloth to polish the coat. This routing needs to be done on a weekly schedule. For short and dense fur use a smooth brush to untangle the hair and then a bristled brush to remove dead hair. For luxurious coats remove the mats from the hair with a slicker brush and then use a bristle brush for the coat. Make sure to comb the tail as well.

Animal Hospitals In Johns Creek Can Tell You About Bathing Your Dog

Dogs should be given a bath at least once every 3 months and more frequently depending upon his/ her outdoor activities. Start with brushing your dog first. This will remove or loosen the dirt from the coat. Fill the bath tub with 3-4 inches of water and make sure to lay a rubber mat first for a good grip. Wet your dog thoroughly with a hose and massage with the shampoo all over the body. Rinse thoroughly to with a hose avoiding any direct hit in the eyes, ears or nose. Use soft cotton balls to clean the ears and a large dry towel to dry your pet. You can try to use a bath toy to keep your bouncy puppy occupied while you give him or her a bath.

Ask The Animal Hospitals In Johns Creek About Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

The skin near and around the nails is very sensitive and if you are not regular with clipping nails, your dog can get upset. Make sure that your pet is used to your handling of the feet first and then move on to trimming the nails. You can also give some treats, give a foot massage and play a little. Once your dog gets comfortable in 1-2 weeks time, spread the feet to clean of any dirt or debris. The nails should be cut at a slight angle before its curving point using a sharp nail clipper. Avoid the vein that goes through the nail as it can bleed. After the nail-clipping is complete smooth down the rough edges by using some emery powder.

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