Don’t only dream about the dream vacation but make it come true with exotic vacation agency in Great Falls VA. You can even plan for a family exotic vacation. Here are some ideas on the exotic vacation destinations along with few tips to make the planning process enjoyable.

Destinations – Exotic Vacation Agency Great Falls, VA

Hawaii: This is a kid friendly and affordable location. Hawaii is a beach destination with majestic mountain regions as well. Get to the top of the Haleakala volcano to watch sunrise.

South Africa: Transportation in South Africa has improved greatly due to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Enjoy the beaches in Cape Town and the National Park at its best.

Beijing, China: Experience the prehistoric era through several dynasties to the modern day living. A visit to the Great Wall is a must.

Phuket, Thailand: Sandy beaches and inland forests of Phuket attract tourists from all over the world. The resorts here are luxurious and top of the line and at the same time you can experience the local culture.

New Zealand: See the flora and fauna that is found only on this part of the world. Experience the diversity of climate, wildlife and geology.

Planning Tips – Exotic Vacation Agency Great Falls, VA

Once you have decided your destination, go through the checklist:

* When the best time to travel to this destination and what is is the ideal length of the vacation?

* What are the Visa requirements? – Passport is a must requirement. Some countries requires VISA while others don’t. Check the country’s requirements.

* Do you need shots or any other medication? – CDC lists recommended vaccines when travelling to certain locations especially to third world locations.

* Do you need travel insurance?

​​* What is the unit of currency?

* Where is the local embassy?

* What’s your budget?

Choose the right agency – Exotic Vacation Agency Great Falls, VA

It is very important to choose the right package. Research your options if a group package deal is what you are looking for or an independent tour with professional guides. Research online and get quotes for your destination from at least three exotic vacation agencies. Ensure that these agencies have the required accreditation. Ask for their cancellation policy in case you have to cancel your trip or break it mid-way. Make sure that there are no hidden costs. ​

An exotic vacation, Great Falls VA doesn’t only mean a trip to that place but it requires for you to get imbibed in the culture. Experience some of the native acts that are new to you. Whether it is offering prayers at an East India Temple or it is a Caribbean exotic diving trip, the main essence of exotic destination is to see an experience that no one has experienced before.

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