Discover Shutter Styles for Your Home

by | Jan 23, 2012 | Home Decor

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Shutters are stylish and useful window coverings that are very popular with home owners. They lend a vintage aesthetic to a building. You can fit almost everything from wooden panels to slats to glass within the shutter frames. Moreover, they are functional. Inside the building they can control light and air flow into a room. As an external covering for windows and doors, they provide storm protection as well as privacy and light control. Here’s a run through of what you can do with shutters inside and outside your home.

Louvered shutters for greater air and light control

These shutters have horizontal slats mounted on stiles. The slats are at angles to let the air and light in. These slats or louvers may be fixed, or they may free to rotate to change the angle at which they are open. The louvers may be horizontal or vertical as well. On fixed louvers, fabric and glass may be inserted to enhance the ornamental aspect of these window coverings even more. In case they are damaged, the slats are easy to come by and replace. These shutters may be installed both inside the house to open inwards, and as exterior shutters that open outwards.

Shutters with raised panels for privacy and security

These solid body shutters have panels at the center that are thicker than the rest of the structure. These were very popular for offering security and privacy to Old Virginia homes. They are a popular design feature for a vintage look to the exterior of homes.

Board and Batten Shutters for ornamentation

These types of vintage shutters have wooden boards laid closely across two horizontal pieces of wood to create a closed panel. These were once very common on barn and farmhouse windows, and have now become a design trend to lend a rural look to contemporary homes. Vinyl is a common and economical material for these today, though natural wood is also used.

Bahama shutters for letting in light and air

These are similar to louvered shutters, with slats, but they are narrower and have a vertical panel through the center.

Accordion Shutters for hurricane protection

Are you looking for storm protection? Shutters that open out like a pleated accordion from one end to the other provide good protection from storms. The blades are interlocking and slide on a horizontal track. They can be drawn like curtains from either side, and then locked at the center.

If you want to enhance the vintage look of your home with shutters Los Angeles manufacturers have a variety of designs and materials for you. Vinyl is the cheaper option that can be painted in many colors, but wood shutters with a smooth finish have their own old-world charm.