Different fuel, similar parts

There are four main types of furnaces, they all use different fuels; gas, oil, electricity and solid fuel. Although the fuels differ, the parts of the furnaces have a tendency to be very similar regardless. The whole heating starts with a thermostat, this device determines when the heat should come on and extinguish. It is one of the components that furnace repair in Westchester most often finds faulty.

Another component which is similar is the igniter; it glows to light the burner. In the case of a solid fuel furnace, the igniter is often a match, in oil and gas it is a pilot light and in an all electric home, the igniter is a switch. The idea is to ignite fuel which in turn creates heat.

Other common furnace parts are the blower, which brings air in from the environment to be heated and it then distributes the warm air to the spaces that have demanded heat. The air, both heated and return, travels through ducts. The cool air in the room is drawn back to the furnace through the cold air returns; the warm air is distributed through the hot air ducting. When the heated air reaches its destination within the building, it leaves the duct through a register which can be opened or closed.

Electric heating does not use ducts to distribute the heat; the heat is radiant and comes from wires which are imbedded into the floor. When the thermostat demands heat, electricity runs through the wires, which in turn heat up.

Another common component that often needs the services of a person skilled in Furnace Repair Westchester is the fan limit switch. The limit switch is a thermal device which stops the furnace from distributing the heated air until the temperature demanded by the thermostat has been reached. The limit switch is also responsible for shutting off the burner if the temperature elevates. This switch prevents the furnace from running any more than is necessary to provide the heat; it also acts as a safety feature.

If the furnace fails, calling for Furnace Repair Westchester is highly recommended. Although conceptually the furnace is a simple device, the truth is, it can be quite complicated. Knowing the basic workings of a furnace is a good idea though, as you will be able to troubleshoot and give the repairman some indication of what the problem may be. As a homeowner you should stick to basic furnace maintenance, not repair.

The most important thing the homeowner can do is to assure that the filter is cleaned or regularly replaced. The furnace will run at its peak performance when it is clean, it also helps to ensure that the air you breath has been filtered before it is delivered to the home.

Regardless of the fuel used, furnace repair in Westchester can be undertaken by Paul’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. They carry a large inventory of spare parts and offer 24 hour service if required.

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