Designing Crystal Wedding Centerpieces

by | Nov 29, 2012 | Shopping

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The wedding day has arrived and the design team is in place early at the wedding reception hall. The hall has one 20 foot table for the guests seated on both sides. The bride has requested crystal up and down the table for the centerpiece, yes three ultimate crystal wedding centerpieces.

The Design

The core of the design will be oversized glass cocktail stemmed glasses turned upside down. A delicate full round arrangement of white roses with Bells of Ireland for greenery will be “floating” on top. Crystals will be strung on a lightweight wire so the flow of the crystal streams can be managed. The flowers, as well as the crystals, will all be secured in an oasis foam covered with a translucent type material.

The height of the center crystal wedding centerpiece will be about 24 inches. The other two centerpieces will be 18 inches high. Otherwise, they will be identical. The crystal streams will be flowing down around the crystal wedding centerpieces. There will be 12 streams of crystals flowing downward on the center centerpiece and 10 streams flowing downward on the two outside crystal wedding centerpieces.

The In Between

To connect the three crystal wedding centerpieces, you can use garlands of crystals, white roses, lily of the valley and Bells of Ireland. These will be intertwined from one end centerpiece to the center and then looping the center centerpiece, extending beyond to the third centerpiece at the opposite end.

Dressing Up the Table

The crystal wedding centerpieces are designed and in place, but what type of plates, silverware and glasses will be the perfect complement to the exquisite center designs? Opal plates will be the perfect plate to complete this elegant table. The reason for opal is it changes color according to the surrounding colors. The effect will be complementary but not a distraction. The silverware can be gold-plated, and the tablecloth can be soft linen of an opposing color. Choose any other color you have used throughout your wedding theme. Some of your options include maroon, royal navy and deep rose. It must be a rich color to accent the rest of the crystal wedding design throughout the center of the wedding guest table in the reception.