Dental Implants -Pros and Cons

Dental implants are usually made of titanium which is used to restore the missing teeth. The implants are placed in the missing tooth’s root and it is fused in to the actual bone. Implants are done with an incision in the gums which is then followed by an actual implant insertion. Once it is been inserted, the gums are then sewn up and some time is been given to allow proper healing to bone and gums. The healing takes several months.

Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants are very much permanent. Bridges are also permanent but they rely on the surrounding teeth to stay in a place. Implants are however seen as the absolute best kind of prosthetic teeth. As dental implants are placed in to the root of the missing tooth so these work as a natural replacement for the real tooth. Dental implants feel and look just like real teeth; without telling the person about it there is no way virtually to determine that the implants are not real.

Like everything, dental implants too have some pros and cons and they are listed below.

Pros of Dental Implants
1. Implants feel, look and function like one’s own teeth.
2. It helps in restoring one’s youthful appearance and self-confidence.
3. It gives you a sparkling and most natural looking tooth.
4. As these integrate in to the jaw bone, they offer a permanent foundation to dentures and prosthetic teeth that last for a lifetime.
5. As it is made up of titanium, it offers biting force just like natural teeth.
6. It does not slide or slip in place while speaking and eating as it is opposed to bridges and removable dentures.
7. It offers freedom from embarrassing hissing and clicking sounds of the dentures.

Cons of Dental Implants
1. As the dental implants require a surgical procedure, the risks and complications are inevitable.
2. At the implant site persistent swelling, bruising and pain may occur.
3. The nerves which are adjacent to the implants site can also have tingling or numbness in the gums or teeth and it may also have a severe pain.
4. Temporary bruising and swelling of your face and gums are possible.
5. Dental implants might fall off in rare cases.
6. The tooth can break itself and there is also a possibility of infections.
7. One may also go through chronic pain of the gum which is around the implant site.
This procedure is very time consuming which requires several visits to the dental office and if there is a major complications then one must have to visit to the dentist for several years.

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