Customize Your ID Badge Lanyards

Identification cards have become a staple for many businesses. These cards can serve as a way for employees to track the time they spend at work or provide access to buildings or specific rooms. However, the main purpose of these cards is to serve as identification to show who works for a company to keep everyone safe and secure. ID badge lanyards are the perfect way to keep these cards in a place that is easy to see and access.

Customized Lanyard

One of the best things about these ID badge holders is the ability to fully customize the lanyard. You can choose from a variety of materials from which the lanyard is made. Once you know which type of material you want to use, you can choose the color of the lanyard, as well as what you would like printed on it. This will allow you to fully customize your lanyards to reflect your company, either with a slogan, logo or just the colors alone.

Badge Holder

At the end of the lanyard, you can choose the type of holder you want for your ID badge lanyards. For some companies, simply having a clip at the end of the lanyard is enough because the ID badges have a hole punched in them to allow for easy attachment to the end of the lanyards. In these situations, it is easier to scan the ID badge if necessary. Another option is to have a plastic badge holder at the end of the lanyard. This holder will fully encase the badge, protecting it. This is best when you only need the badge for identification purposes.

Badge Reels

Another option is to attach a badge reel at the end of the lanyard. When you are wearing a lanyard, you may need to swipe your badge for some reason or another. However, in some cases you will need to remove the lanyard to swipe your badge. However, if you clip a badge reel to the end of the lanyard instead, you can swipe your badge without having to remove the entire lanyard.

ID badge lanyards can be a great addition to the workplace when you use ID badges for a variety of reasons. As you consider your options, you will be able to choose exactly what your lanyards look like, including the materials, colors and printing. You will also be able to customize the badge holder at the bottom of the lanyard to hold the badges securely.

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