Custom Made T-Shirts for Spirit Week

If you are a parent, a teacher or a student, you know what spirit week is. Everyone kicks their creative juices into high gear to dress up for every themed day. From pajama day to “dress like the 50s,” the kids max out ideas to dress every day throughout the week.

If you are a teacher, a principal or a parent on the PTA board, suggest a sale of custom made t-shirts to sell to everyone to commemorate this exciting week. Not only will you commemorate the week, you will raise funds for the school.

Custom Made

Generally, when you go to purchase a t-shirt, you think more of the design to make it unique. However, there are other things that “custom made” refers to. Think about this. You can have t-shirts, denim shirts, polo shirts or sweatshirts. These are all styles you can choose from to create a custom made shirt. The custom made t-shirts can be a real hit to add to the excitement during spirit week. It can even be extended beyond spirit week to football games or other days when you want to have a school pep rally. The kids can wear their custom made shirt to celebrate and remember how much fun they had.

Custom Design

The custom made t-shirts for spirit week can be designed in a variety of ways. Since it is for spirit week, it should center around school colors and mascot design. If the mascot is a cougar, you could have a picture of a cougar lying down that wraps around the shirt. The year and whether it is spring or fall spirit week would be an interesting fact to have on the shirt. If the colors of the school are orange and black, the shirt can be orange with black lettering or it could be just the opposite of a black shirt and orange lettering.


There will be a day during spirit week when you will want everyone to wear their custom made t-shirts for a uniform day so the shirts have to be made available before spirit week. Encourage the kids to purchase the t-shirts for their brothers and sisters and for their parents. This could be another pull for sales so everyone has one to wear to the football game at the end of the week.

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