Learn To Apply Makeup Correctly With These Tips

by | Aug 24, 2010 | Health Care

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Cosmetic makeup is one of the most sought after products today as it helps to accentuate beauty in women. Using appropriate makeup and in the right way can make users very attractive. However, not every knows about the art of applying makeup. Inadequate makeup can make you look rather plain and too much of it can make you appear artificial. This is why you should learn to apply makeup correctly. 

Tips To Apply Cosmetic Makeup 

Cosmetic makeup is all about highlighting the main areas of the face to bring out a hidden beauty. If you aren’t very good with makeup, here are some tips that will help you. 


This is the most basic component of cosmetic makeup and is available to suit different skin types. It is best to buy foundation one shade lighter than the actual skin tone. Before applying it, make sure you clean your face properly and massage your face with a moisturizer and toner. Use little foundation at a time and spread it in a circular motion all over your face including under the eyes and towards the ears and neck so it evens out the areas on the face.