Cosmetic Dentistry isn’t Just About Teeth Whitening or Dental Implants

When a person thinks about a cosmetic dentist, they typically think about a dentist that performs procedures that are elective and not necessary. The truth is that a Cosmetic Dentist El Dorado Hills isn’t just about teeth whitening and custom dental implants. Cosmetic dentist also offer services that can completely change your smile, which can change the way you feel entirely. This is often done with the help of veneers.

The idea of veneers in Cosmetic Dentistry is nothing new. Dental practices have enabled people to have complete and healthy looking smiles without using dental implants or significant reconstructive work to help improve the look of their teeth. However, as it relates to veneers, cosmetic dentists have seen a great deal of progress in using this method to help people improve their smiles.

When veneers first became popular, the process of fitting the veneers meant ruining your teeth. The reason behind this was because the products used to adhere the veneers wouldn’t stick to regular teeth. What’s more, the veneers wouldn’t fit properly in the mouth without a certain amount of modification.

This modification often included grinding down teeth in order for the veneers to have a realistic and tight fit. The downside to this was that if one of the veneers came off, the exposed tooth would be nasty looking and an embarrassment to the person with the veneers.

However, just like many areas of dentistry, technology has helped to dramatically improve this method of allowing people to have a more complete smile. Today, depending on the type of veneers, there are less modifications that need to be made and in some cases no modifications are required at all.

Today’s modern veneers fit over a person’s existing teeth, no matter how damaged or inconsistent the teeth happen to be. This makes the fitting of the veneers much easier and allows people to have a better smile without a great deal of work. What used to take weeks to accomplish can now be done in a day as well.

Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers or any other type of cosmetic dental work, a Cosmetic Dentist El Dorado Hills will be able to help with your cosmetic procedures. All you’ll need to do is choose a cosmetic dentist in the area and consult with them on the type of work you’re interested in having done.


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