Consulting An Injury Lawyer In Williston, ND About Accidents On Private Property

North Dakota personal injury laws indicate that all victims have a statute of limitations of six years to file a formal claim in the court. Any failure to file within the parameters of this law indicates a forfeiture of their rights. This does not include any claim filed for the wrongful death of a loved one. The law that applies to these cases is two years.

Personal Injuries on Private Property

Personal injuries, which occur on private ownership have additional requirements. The first step is to prove that the victim had the legal right to enter the area in question. For example, if the property owner can demonstrate that the victim was trespassing or broke into the property, the court could throw out the case. If you were within your rights to visit a private goods and were hurt, you should contact an Injury Lawyer in Williston ND area.

How to Proceed In a Personal Injury Case

In most cases, the property owner is responsible for filing a claim through their homeowner’s insurance. However, some circumstances may limit the amount of coverage. With injuries that produce a permanent or long-term disability, the insurance policy may not cover everything. When this is the case, it is necessary to file a formal claim in the court. An Injury Lawyer can help you submit an application.

What is Shared Fault?

In legal proceedings, a shared fault indicates that the victim played a role in causing their injuries. When shared fault is identified, the court assigns a percentage indicating which portion of the blame is shared. If this percentage is fifty percent or higher, the victim will not receive any monetary rewards. If it is below fifty percent, the award is based on the assigned percentage. In some cases where the victim’s share of the blame is more than the defendant, the court may require them to cover the cost of the homeowner’s legal fees.

Accident victims who face difficulties in paying their medical costs should discuss their case with an attorney. This provides them with clarity and a more advance understanding of the law. If you were injured and needed help, schedule a consultation with an Injury Lawyer in Williston ND today.

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