Considering Metal Roofing? Get Valuable Information

If you need a new roof you may be planning to re-roof your home with the same type of shingles it has today. But you might want to consider metal roofing. Read on for some of the reasons metal roofing is increasing in popularity as well as some tips for finding a metal roofing contractor to work with.


The warranty period for metal roofing can be a huge selling point and often outlasts shingled roof warranty periods. The warranty on metal roofing is generally transferable (be sure to talk to your metal roofing contractor about this as they should be able to specify warranty period and warranty terms when you are quoted) as well and can be a selling point when you are selling your home.

Costs of Metal Roofing

You can save money on a metal roof. Depending on the materials used, you could also have the potential benefit of saving on energy costs for heating your home as well as cooling it.

Environmentally Friendly

Many metal roofs are made with recycled metals, helping reduce the carbon foot print of the roofing job.

Fire Protection

Metal roofing can be better from a fire protection standpoint, as well.

If you have questions about the pros and cons of metal roofing or specific questions, don’t be afraid to ask the roofing contractor for supporting information.

There is some misinformation out there including concerns about cellular reception, noise, and concerns about lightning. Most metal roofing owners agree that there isn’t excessive noise. Modern and professionally installed metal roofs should have no impact on cellular reception and are no more likely to be hit by lightning than a shingled roof.

Finding a Good Metal Roofing Contractor

Researching metal roofing contractors can help you find the roofing contractor best suited to your needs. Look at experience, at pricing, and look at other factors, too, such as their reputation. If a metal roof has been done in your neighborhood recently it could be helpful to talk to that neighbor to ask about their experience. They may be willing to refer you to their roofer. They may also tell you about a negative experience that can help you avoid metal roofing contractors that don’t have a great track record.

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