Consider the Versatility of a Carrier Heat Pump

For decades, people have associated the idea of heating their home with either a gas or oil furnace and cooling it with an air conditioner or fan. These days, more and more people are opting for a different alternative – a heat pump. This heating system is more similar to an air conditioner than a furnace and it can actually function as a dehumidifier as well. A Carrier heat pump carries the quality and dependability that has come to be expected from the Carrier name.

How a Heat Pump Works
In its most basic form, a heat pump just moves heat from one spot to another. Rather than burning fuel to create heat, a heat pump will often have a series of coils and tubes that run refrigerant between your home and an outside compressor. The heat pump picks up air from outside and the heat from that air gets trapped in the liquid in the coils. That hot liquid, which turns to vapor, is compressed (heating it further) and sent to another set of coils inside the home where the heat is released and used to heat the home and the vapor cools back to liquid to be sent out to pick up more heat. To act as an air conditioner, the process is reversed, with heat being collected in the house and ejected through the coils of the compressor outside, allowing the refrigerant to cool off and be sent back into the home to remove more heat. This also has a dehumidifying effect, as moisture in the air tends to condense in the cooling coils.

Carrier Heat Pumps
When buying a Carrier Heat Pump, you need to be aware of the different levels of quality within their line. The Infinity Series is the top of the line for their heat pumps (as it is with their furnaces), and these fine machines feature precision control over heating and cooling, quiet operation and peak efficiency. Some models also feature Greenspeed intelligence for even greater control and efficiency. The next series is the Performance series, which is a very efficient group. Like the Infinity series, most of these models are Energy Star certified, but they are slightly less expensive. The Comfort series is still less expensive, but they are not quite as quiet or as efficient as the other groups.

A heat pump can be an efficient and versatile way to heat and cool your home. If you think a heat pump can meet your heating and cooling needs, visit website on facebook and check out the fine assortment of Carrier heat pumps available to you.

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