Comprehensive and Affordable Pool Services in Gilbert AZ

There are several pool companies that focus on the custom design and installation aspect of pools and spas. Once one project is completed, another one is started. That leaves the new pool owner in need of a company to provide maintenance, any needed repairs, and future upgrades.

Not only can that end up being expensive, it results in inconsistency. The maintenance company did not install the pool so is at a disadvantage when things go wrong. A company that provides comprehensive and affordable Pool Services in Gilbert AZ is a better choice when planning on getting a new pool.

Dealing with one company from the beginning of the project through all pool needs in the future is reassuring and gives you peace of mind. If there happen to be any problems with the end result, the company is available to make any changes. It will be easier and faster for the professionals to complete maintenance on the pool components because they know exactly how it was installed.

Another benefit of Pool Services Gilbert AZ being completed by the same company that installed the pool is the development of a maintenance schedule that aligns with manufacturer recommendations. That is essential because missing routine or preventative maintenance will render any warranty or guarantee null and void. Most customers are not aware of that fact, but it is in the fine print of the warranty.

Warranty on Labor

Experienced pool contractors, such as BlueWave Pools & Spas in Gilbert AZ, offer warranties on the work completed. If there are any mistakes or problems due to labor, they will be fixed at no charge. The exact stipulations and conditions of the warranty differs from company to company, so be sure to read the entire document carefully.

In addition to custom design, installation, ad Pool Services Gilbert AZ, hardscape services are available. Those options include a multitude of components. Patios and decks, retaining walls, and full outdoor kitchens are just a few examples. Improvements to the yard will increase the enjoyment of the property, as well as the value. A pool can be used for relaxation, exercising, fun, and games for the whole family. Visit for more information.