Commonly Used Decorative Designs for Tombstones in Beverly, MA

A tombstone for your loved one should be designed to make it look like something that is appropriate for that person’s memory. This can include designing a stone with a series of important decorations that relate to the spiritual nature of the moment. You should think about how many tombstones that are made in Beverly, MA are used with different kinds of designs.

Traditional Designs

Some traditional options could be used for a tombstone. Traditional designs are often made to create a lasting impression. It can include a design that is rectangular in size and can be carved into a heart or cross shape. It may also be designed to be large enough to fit a plot with two people in that same spot. This may be useful if you are looking to find a tombstone for two loved ones like your parents.

ngel Designs

An angel may be used as a part of a tombstone. Many tombstones in Beverly, MA have angels on them in many different poses. These are carved to symbolize how angels are watching over your loved one in death. These can come in many exquisite designs and can feature all sorts of beautiful looks to make what you have all the more interesting. It may create a more unique look that makes your tombstone a little more appealing.

Tree Designs

Tree designs are often used in some tombstones. They are designs that have fake tree appearances hanging over them. These fake trees are often etched into the body of the tombstone to give it more of a unique appearance. It may also be used to symbolize how your love for someone even in death is as strong as a tree.

Bench Designs

A bench design could be used if you have a larger item. The bench style is a relatively new option. It features a bench surface that is placed to the size of a tombstone. It is used to give you and others a spot to sit and reflect upon a loved one who is buried under the stone. In some cases the bench could be used with etchings to create a continuation of the tombstone.

Specialty Choices

Some specialty options may work depending on what you are interested in using. A person who was a musician could be buried under a tombstone that is shaped like a particular instrument. A design could also come with a special letter design that features a letter like an initial of a person’s name. You could even get a design that has the appearance of a vehicle that your loved one might have liked. The choices that you could use can vary according to who you talk with and should be compared based on what you feel is appropriate.

The choices you have for finding tombstones in Beverly, MA are valuable because they relate to several different designs. These designs are made to create a number of appealing looks that make a good impression on a spot that your loved one could be buried at. You should consider these choices because they involve many ways to honor a loved one.


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