Common problems with a washing machine

In most households the washing machine is just one more appliance, it is taken for granted that when you need to do the laundry, it will work. If you ask the average homeowner which appliance they simply could not live without, 90% will tell you the oven, but if the oven fails there is the microwave. The next 10% will say the clothes dryer, but if it fails, you can still hang the clothes outside. If the washer repair in Aurora is needed, it is like going back to the dark ages, beating your clothes on a rock in the stream. The washing machine has become an absolute necessity.

The washing machine can act-up, but not everything that it does wrong requires washer repair in Aurora. There are a number of common problems that many homeowners can solve themselves.

The washing will not run:

Often, this problem is solved by checking to see if it’s actually plugged in. If it is, check the circuit breaker, if there is no problem there then it may be the lid switch. To check the lid switch all you have to do is check the resistance in the wires. Open the control panel and locate the wires leading from the lid switch. Disconnect the wires from the harness, using a simple VOM meter (volt-ohm meter) check the resistance of the two wires that are not green. When the washer lid is open, the reading should be infinity, when the lid is closed, the reading should be zero. If this is not the case, the lid switch is faulty and must be replaced.

The machine will not fill:

If you were to call for Washer Repair Aurora, they would first check the hoses. They would be looking for a kink that is cutting off the supply. If the hoses are fine, then there are other things to check. The pump could be clogged or there could be a loose or damaged drive belt. The pump is attached to the motor shaft, it will normally be held on with clips, pry them off with a screwdriver, remove the pump and heck for any obstructions. If the pump is not clogged, then check the drive belt. If it pinches more than ½” then it could be slipping. It is quite simple to tighten the belt, loosen the motor mount, slide it back which will tighten the belt. When the tension is right, tighten the motor mount.

The washer won’t agitate:

When this happens, the cause is usually a piece of clothing that has wrapped itself around the agitator, jamming it. If this is not the case, it may be the lid switch or the belt. If these two potential problems are not the problem, then Washer Repair Aurora will be needed because it is probably a bad transmission or solenoid.

Washer repair in Aurora is one of the major appliances that J & B Appliance Repair are often called upon to fix. They can offer same day service and all repairs are warranted.

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