Common Areas for Boise Water Heater Repair

by | Oct 12, 2012 | Repair & Services

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Water Heater Repairs

Most people do not take water heaters seriously until their basements are full of water or they have to put up with an icy shower during winter. At that point, you have either to replace or repair your water heater. Boise water heater repair is best for a heater that is only a few years old. If your Boise water heater is the old storage-tank model that has a 10 to 13 year lifespan, replacement remains the best option if it is approaching its 13th year. New water heaters are capable of 20 percent more efficiency. As a result, the unit is capable of saving up to $700 in energy bills over its lifespan. If you are not sure whether to undertake Boise water heater repair or replacement, read on to find out.

Standard water heaters have a very simple working process. Cold water fills up a tank and heating takes place courtesy of an electric gas burner or element. Thermostats regulate the temperature of the water usually within a range of 120 to 140 degrees. As the temperature of the water rises, so does the pressure. A hot water faucet contains pressurized hot water. Water heater repair usually involves five main areas since water heaters do not have any moving parts. These areas include thermostat breakdown, valve sticks issues, failure of the heating or burner element, tripping of the electric heater’s circuit breaker, and flickering of the pilot light on a gas-water-heater system.

A professional Boise plumber can undertake repairs on your boiler heater at a relatively low cost. Replacing or repairing any of the above water heater problems should not cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars. However, if the tank is leaking or if it is more than 10 years old, a professional plumber in Boise will advise you to make plans for a new tank altogether.

Water has minerals that react and corrode steel water heater tanks. If your water heater system has a leak, repair will not be the best option. Do not despair; there is a bright side to this. If your water heating system is old, replacing it with a new system will help you realize considerable savings over the course of its lifetime. For example, new water heater tanks have a reinforced insulation that consists of an outer shell, foam insulation, and the tank wall. This results in increased efficiency and higher heat retention levels. The new tanks also come with a glass liner that reduces the occurrence of corrosion attacks.

Water heater repair also includes other water heating systems such as a heat pump, tank less systems, and solar water heater systems. These systems offer bigger energy savings and you get to qualify for federal tax credits.
Specialists of Boise water heater repair are capable of undertaking all water heater repair and replacement issues and help improve the efficiency of these systems. Visit our website for more details.

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