Commercial Truck Rental in Texas – Dedicated Facilities

Are you tired of paying for unexpected truck repairs? Keeping up a fleet of large trucks is expensive, and there are many things to keep track of. Leasing is a better option for many businesses in Texas today, and when you choose a company offering commercial truck rental with dedicated facilities, you’ll enjoy many benefits. Here is more about the subject.

What is a Dedicated Facility?

A dedicated facility means you have trained and experienced truck technicians at your place of business. They’re not on your payroll. Instead, your leasing company assigns them to your fleet. Your drivers don’t have to bring trucks to an outside shop because you can service your trucks at your facility.

How Dedicated Facilities Work in Texas

When you sign a commercial truck rental agreement with dedicated facility benefits, you’re no longer responsible for maintenance. Your leasing company gives you a maintenance supervisor to schedule and oversee your maintenance and repair operations. You also receive trained mechanics, and they bring some of the most advanced diagnostic and repair equipment in the industry.

In some cases, the leasing company can buy your shop equipment, tools, and parts inventory. This depends on your needs.


Having your own dedicated facility means you don’t have to keep mechanics on your company payroll. You save money on employee expenses like worker compensation, health insurance, sick pay, and many other employee costs. Here are some more benefits:

* Roadside assistance – if your trucks break down on the road, your drivers have help 24 hours a day. Your commercial truck rental company in Texas works hard to get your vehicles back in service as soon as possible.

* Predictable costs – know how much your monthly maintenance costs are, in advance.

* Preventative maintenance – saves time and money

* Federal and state inspection requirements – this is no longer your concern.