Choosing The Right Groomsmen Gifts

As you plan your wedding day and all the details for making it perfect and memorable in every way, consider also the friends and family members who are likely going out of their way to help you celebrate and stand by you in support and celebration. As the groom, your part in the planning process might not seem as evident as the bride’s contribution and her opinions; however, you have the task of picking who your groomsmen will be and which groomsmen gifts you will choose to express your gratitude to them.

When choosing groomsmen gifts, there are few things to keep in mind. Don’t wait until the last possible minute to come up with something, your friends will be able to tell and you’ll end up feeling badly about it. If you’ve chosen these men to be your groomsmen, chances are you know them pretty well, so think about groomsmen gifts that speak to them as individuals and their interests while reflecting the friendship you’ve had. You may end up getting each groomsman his own present or you may decide to get the same thing for each of them. If all of you are big sports fans and that’s something that brought you all together as friends, you could get everyone tickets to a big sports game that is coming up that you can attend with them after the honeymoon. You could decide to purchase an experience such as rounds of golf or a guy’s weekend trip of some sort as a way to say that although you’re getting married, you’ll still have time for your friends.

You don’t have to spend a lot to show your gratitude. There are many gifts that you can personalize by adding inscriptions that mean something to your friendship or by having them monogrammed. Popular gifts for groomsmen often include monogrammed flasks, cufflinks, tools of some sort such as pocket knives, pipes, bill folds and so on.

If you know your friend or friends are more of the goofy type, then don’t be afraid to go that route, even if your bride to be raises an eyebrow at your possible selections. You know your friends best so give a gift that reflects that. This is also a chance to purchase something that they wouldn’t likely purchase for themselves. They may have had an eye on an especially debonair looking smoking jacket that they were certain they’d look irresistible in, but haven’t dared buy it for themselves. This is your chance to go ahead and get the fun gift that says thank you at the same time.

When choosing Groomsmen Gifts, consider the unique personalities of each of your friends before you make a purchase. Choose groomsmen gifts that reflect your friendship and appreciation at this memorable time of your life.

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