Choosing a Repipe Culver City Company

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Construction & Maintenance

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Most have never heard of a repipe Culver City service, but many homes find they need exactly this at one time or another. Repiping is nothing more than removing old pipes in a home and replacing them with brand new ones. Very few people use this word, but often plumbers will throw it out and never stop to think that the customer doesn’t know what they are talking about. When the pipes in a home are repiped by a Plumbing Repair and Installation Service Los Angeles, the water flows more freely and tends to be cleaner. Home owners no longer need to live with germs coming through the pipes or poor water pressure again.

Drainage pipes are the ones typically in need of replacement. Fresh water pipes occasionally get clogged by mineral deposits, but drainage pipes seem to fill up with hair, which doesn’t break down. When these pipes stop up, drain openers can be of help, but the problem often comes back in a short period of time and the home owner has to go through the entire process again. When this becomes a regular occurrence, repiping is often the best solution.

Corrosion is another issue many home owners find themselves facing when it comes to old pipes. Steel pipes tend to corrode after an extended period of time while copper pipes are rarely used for plumbing. Plastic PVC pipes are the preferred choice of many builders now, but they are susceptible to breakdown when exposed to UV rays or chemicals and they tend to weaken at the joints over a period of time. When pipes need replacement, a company specializing in repipe Culver City is the property owner’s best option.

When choosing a company to take this job on, look for one with experience in completing a job of this type. The plumber should offer all options and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each so the property owner can make an informed decision. Repiping has become easier over the years thanks to advances in technology and many property owners find this is the best option. Although it does cost more than repairing pipes, the results last much longer.


Copper repiping is essential to improve water quality and water pressure and at the same time reduce the cost of recurring repairs. Learn why you should consider a copper repipe.