Chocolate Coins Are Perfect for Baby Shower Favors

Planning a baby shower is a lot of fun. Any baby is a reason to celebrate, making a shower the perfect opportunity to get everyone together for a party. Like most parties, your baby shower will require you to choose a special favor to give to your guests. Providing your guests with fun, unique baby shower favors will help them remember this special day for years to come.


You can never go wrong with chocolate, especially if you are dealing with a group of women. Most women won’t turn down the offer of chocolate at any costs. This makes chocolate a great idea when you are picking out the shower favors for the baby shower you are hosting. Once you know that chocolate is your favor of choice, you can then work on choosing just the right customized chocolates to fulfill your qualifications.


Chocolate coins are the perfect option for your baby shower favors. These coins are flat and small, allowing you to package them just about any way you want so you can provide your guests with a favor they can appreciate. For instance, you can purchase favor boxes in the shape of a baby carriage and fill them with the chocolate coins. Or you could wrap them up in white tulle bags and tie them with ribbon in pink or blue to match the sex of the baby.

Foil Wrappers

The chocolate coins you purchase as your favors will be individually wrapped in foil. This is one of the greatest aspects of choosing these chocolate coins; you will be able to choose any color you want for the foil to match your shower. You can either match the wrappers to the theme of your shower or choose pink, blue or both. Choosing both pick and blue can be a great option if the sex of the baby is a surprise.

The baby shower favors you choose are something everyone who attends will remember about their day. When you can provide them with delicious chocolate coins, the people who come to the shower will be pleased with their favors. You can order the coins wrapped in foil that matches the theme of the shower or the sex of the baby. Once you get your order, package them up for your guests or simply use them as decorations on the table so everyone can enjoy them, both at the party and afterward.

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