Car Accidents Queens

November 18 of 2012 a 24-year-old woman was killed in a Car Accidents Queens after she failed to stop. When she ran the stop sign she slammed into a speeding car. The 24-year-old woman was driving a 2011 Hyundai sedan. She was driving north on 227th St. when she was crushed by a Mercedes in the early morning. Witnesses said it sounded like an explosion after the two cars collided with each other. Witnesses also claim that she did stop at the stop sign, only to inch out to see if any other cars were coming and that’s when she was hit by the Mercedes-Benz. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz disputed the witness’s testimony. The New York City Police Department issued the driver of the Mercedes-Benz with a summons for speeding. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz swore that she drove right out into the intersection. This is where he said that he had to slam on his brakes to avoid slamming into her.

On December 30 of 2012, a pregnant woman died after her car had slipped into a freezing pond in Queens. A drunk driver had lost control of a six passenger vehicle in a Car Accidents Queens, which inadvertently caused the other vehicle to go into a pond. There happened to be four victims in the vehicle trapped upside down in the pond in Queens. Two of the passengers of the vehicle managed to escape the vehicle and fled in another vehicle. The other two victims were then rushed to the hospital. The 25-year-old Dominique Jamison had died while being pregnant. The driver of the other vehicle received a DUI and driving without a license. During this intense rescue, six firefighters were injured in the process of trying to rescue these two individuals. They received medical treatment at Long Island Jewish medical Center. This unfortunate accident would not have happened if the driver of the other vehicle did not drink and drive.


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