Can You Refill HP Ink?

When it comes to buying printer ink there is really only one of two choices, you can either buy OEM ink or cheap, aftermarket ink. There is, however, an alternative to buying new ink cartridges all together. You can buy HP ink cartridge refill kits that come with the ink that you will simply inject into your existing cartridge, but how effective is this?

Beware the Sensors

Most ink cartridges now have some type of sensor in them. This sensor detects the ink levels and should detect that the cartridge has been refilled and adjust the levels accordingly. If, however, you have one that does not use sensors and instead relies on estimates then you can still refill them, but it will not reset. In some cases, this may stop the printer from printing, but ion most it will simply give you a low ink warning.

How is it Done?

Refilling an ink cartridge is an easy, but an often messy job. Everything you need will be included in the kit when you get it. It should come with a syringe that will be used to inject the ink into the cartridge. If you look at your cartridge, then you will see a small black dot. This is where you will inject the ink. Once it is done, let the cartridge sit for a day or so to let the ink settle.

The reason this job is so messy is that the ink is concentrated. The manufacturers do this so that the ink cartridges will last longer and be smaller. This means that even a small drop of ink has the capability of spreading and covering a much larger area. Be careful and wear gloves when you are doing this. The ink will stain your skin for a few days if it gets on your bare skin.

Refilling an ink cartridge is an easy way to save money. Yes, it can be done, and no, it is not going to mess up your printer.

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