Call the Exterminator DelRay Beach Trusts

6864359_lIf insects are infesting your home, instead of spraying them yourself with some toxic chemical that could kill you along with the insect, call an Exterminator DelRay Beach with many years of experience.

They deal with the insect problem outside the home by creating a barrier they won’t cross over. After a while, you have no pests coming inside. They treat all sorts of ants, from the carpenter ant to the Caribbean crazy ant. No one wants to have Africanized honey bees or wasps inside the home. They will also eliminate spiders, ticks and bedbugs. While the company does inspect the interior of homes, the pest barrier is placed outside the home. For family members with allergies this is a much better method of pest removal.

Florida is a very unique state known as the “Sunshine State.” With warm ocean breezes and humid days and evenings, this also means there are animals such as raccoons, possums, snakes, birds, bats, rats, squirrels, and skunks that roam around. Some of them decide to make a home under your porch, or worse, in your attic. The Exterminator DelRay Beach residents depend on well set traps to catch the animals and then remove them humanely from your area so they do not come back.

There are many types of pests that can infest a home. Bed bugs, although they do not pose a threat to your health, bite and they still make a homeowner feel dirty. You may have them and not even know it until someone in the family sees some itchy red spots on their arms, legs or head and wonders what has caused them. You need to inspect all beds, headboards, mattresses, baseboards and box springs. You are looking for a bug that is very small and that comes out at night time to feed on the blood of humans. They also leave little brown specs along your mattress that you may not have noticed before. One insect that will actually eat the wood in your home is the termite. They are destructive and need to be eliminated immediately. Don’t forget about your lawn. It is another part of your property that can be infested with pests such as avids, fungus, diseases, and caterpillars.

To control all of this, call the Bates Exterminators who use products that are only dangerous to the insects you want eliminated.

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