Call an Electrician in Allentown for Upgrades or Repairs to Your House’s Electrical System

by | Feb 21, 2014 | Plumbing

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There are many reasons to call an electrician in Allentown. You may need to have old systems upgraded, have a new fixture installed, or have part of your electrical system repaired. Here is some more information about these common electrical projects:

Many old electrical systems need to be upgraded for various reasons. If your house is fitted with fuses, you may want to have it switched over to a breaker system so that you don’t have to worry about whether you have enough replacement fuses at hand. You may also need to upgrade your system to allow for the installation of new major appliances. Many homes are made with only a few outlets that can handle such appliances, so adding more will require an electrician to add the necessary circuits.

Fixture Installation
Table and floor lamps can add light, but sometimes, a room would look much better if it had a ceiling or wall fixture instead. Hire an electrician to wire it in to get results that are both beautiful and safe. An electrician in Allentown can also put in ceiling fans, bathroom fans, and other built-in electrically-powered additions.

Electrical systems can need repair for a variety of reasons. In many cases, the age of the system is what causes these fixes to be necessary. Old wiring can crack and old fuse boxes can rust. Eventually, these old parts must be switched for new ones in order to keep everything running right. A good sign that it’s time to call an electrician is the mysterious flickering of lights. This indicates wiring that is no longer reliably carrying current. Another thing to watch out for is outlets that get extremely hot under a heavy electrical draw. Such outlets, and possibly the wiring behind them, need to be replaced to minimize the risk of fire.

Lowry Service, a specialist in providing electrical, plumbing, and other household services, is a great choice for your Allentown electrical needs. They focus on projects like installing fans, fixing problems, and installing generators. Whether your project is large or small, their technicians can handle it. Call them to provide the electrical service you need so that everything works the way it is supposed to and is current with modern electrical codes.