Call a Divorce Attorney in Rapid City

Not everyone sees a divorce coming. Therefore it can be a shock when a process server walks up to the front door and serves a wife with divorce papers. Her first instinct may be to dissolve in tears and hope that her husband is going to change his mind. That’s the wrong thing to do. She should call a Divorce Attorney Rapid City practice to help ensure that she gets the best divorce settlement possible. If her husband has been planning the divorce in secret for years, then the lawyer will assume he’s been using the time to hide financial assets.

Often a divorce lawyer has to act as an accountant. If the divorce is complicated by many different types of business ventures and investments he may have to hire a forensic accountant to find money that’s been stashed in off-shore accounts and in safety deposit boxes. It’s very common for a self-employed husband to claim that his business makes very little profit. That his way of saying that he can’t afford a large spousal support check each month. The accountant will scour the books looking for obscure payments that lead to the business owner themselves.

Checking the paper trail may also lead to the real reason for the divorce. It’s possible that the husband has been cheating on his wife for years and has already established a new household with another woman. A private investigator may be brought in to determine when the relationship started and to find out if there are any children as a result. This is the type of ammunition that a Divorce Attorney Rapid City will bring before the judge. If a woman has been a stay-at-home wife, then she needs a great deal of financial support. Middle-aged woman will little training have a difficult time entering and succeeding in the workforce.

If she still has children living wither her, she’ll need enough funds each month to pay for adequate housing, food and all of the other necessities of life. She an her husband had a deal that she would raise the children and he would provide these. Now her lawyer will fight for her to ensure he keeps up that deal, whether they are married or divorced.

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