Buying Home Insurance in Cromwell, CT

by | May 9, 2014 | Insurance

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Standard Home Insurance in Cromwell, CT includes four coverage types. It covers the structure itself, your belongings, your living expenses in the event of a disaster, and they provide liability protection. Here, we will explain these four types of coverage in detail, and you will learn how coverage limits can affect you.

Your Home’s Structure

This component of your homeowner’s policy pays to rebuild or repair your home if it’s destroyed by hail, hurricane, tornado, lightning, fire or other listed disaster. Structural insurance does not cover damage from earthquakes, floods and normal use. When you are buying home insurance, purchase enough to rebuild the entire home.

Most policies cover detached structures such as tool sheds, gazebos and garages; they’re typically covered for roughly 10% of your structural insurance limit. If you require additional coverage, talk to your insurance agent.


Your clothing, furniture and other personal effects will be covered if they are destroyed by a hurricane, fire or other named disaster. Most policies offer coverage up to 70% of the structural insurance amount. For instance, if you have $100,000 in structural coverage, you would have up to $70,000 to replace your belongings.

Liability Coverage

Your home insurance policy’s liability section covers you from bodily injury and property damage suits that arise from your or a family member’s actions. This coverage also pays for damage caused by pets. The policy’s liability portion pays for legal counsel and court awards up to the coverage limit, and it covers you everywhere.

Living Expenses

This section of your home insurance policy pays your expenses if you have to find temporary living arrangements because of storm or disaster damage. Living expense coverage pays for meals, hotel stays and any other expenses above what’s customary for you while your home is rebuilt.

Living expense coverage differs depending on which insurance company you choose. Most policies provide up to about 20% of your structural coverage limit; you can increase the amount for an extra monthly premium. Some companies sell policies that offer unlimited compensation for loss of use, but time limits apply. Your RDDK home insurance agent can tell you more about these types of coverage, and they can help you find the right policy for your needs.