Bulk Vacuum Packing With Chamber Vacuum Sealer

by | Oct 26, 2012 | Machine

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In order to sell or store the food, it has to be vacuum packed. When food is kept in airless condition then microorganisms can’t grow on the food. Chances of contamination and rotting are less. Usually food is either packed in bottles or packets and vacuum sealed. Chances of food getting spoilt is zero without any kind of atmospheric oxygen contact, as there are no aerobic bacteria or fungi growth. Storing of dry foods like cheese, cereals, crisps, smoked fish, nuts and meats is done with the help of vacuum packing. Fresh foods like vegetables and meats and liquids like soups last for long time when vacuum packed. Chamber vacuum sealer is used for bulk packing. Even non-food items can also be packed with these chamber sealers.

Types of Chamber Vacuum Sealer: There are two types of vacuum sealers that include chamber and external sealers. External sealers are normally used for low amounts of food production. Chamber vacuum sealers work on a high speed when compared with external sealers. For large amount of packing the chamber sealer is more ideal because of its packing speed. Chamber sealers are used specifically for industrial usage.

Vacuum packing technique: The technique of packing is very unique for external ones and chamber vacuum sealers though both make use of bags to seal the items. An external sealer eliminates air from the bag and seals the product. On the other hand a chamber sealer eliminates air from the bag and from the entire chamber then seals the product, so bag is also sealed here in a vacuum. This makes sure that the product is completely free of air after packaging. Natural air that contains oxygen gets replaced with other gas such as nitrogen by chamber vacuum sealers, nitrogen is essential for packing products like potato chips. Some sensitive foods require the eliminated air to be replaced with some other type of gas.

Sealers and their availability: Vacuum sealers are available in market in different sizes. You should get the biggest size of the item that has to be packed. This will help you in deciding whether you should buy external ones or the chamber sealers. A chamber sealer helps in packing more than one product at a time in the chamber. This maximizes the speed and also reduces the cost. You can find many types of chamber sealers in the market these days. You should do a good research about various models and analyze their features before making decision on buying something. You should go for reliable companies and model that offers many benefits to you. Many machines can also be bought online. Going through many sites will help you in comparing various features of various machines and buy the best one. You should make sure to read reviews and feedbacks from previous customers. It will help you in making a good decision.