Best Motivational Speaker in Chicago

Doug Dvorak is without a doubt considered the best motivational speaker in Chicago. With his witty humor and keynote observations, he continues to work with a range of companies, non-profits, and organizations.

As a professional — certified sales coach and customer service expert, Doug has the tools and expertise to inspire and motivate any crowd. This includes brands that need upliftment and greater visibility, along with businesses seeking higher conversion rates and workplace productivity.

He also has the gift to effectively engage audiences with industry-related insight, targeted examples, inspirational stories and principle-based theories. With custom-tailored motivational keynotes and workshops, Doug is available for all types of events — including but not limited to:

– Corporate team-building functions.

– Commercial — business — social events.

– Business workshops — meet and greet — exhibitions.

– Trade shows — conferences — symposiums.

– Domestic — international — brand development — brand visibility — brand awareness.

– Improving business performance, customer engagement, and customer-service skills.

– Helping businesses and individuals meet their specific goals and short or long-term aspirations.

The Doug Dvorak Difference

Doug is a seasoned and reputable keynote speaker with years of extensive experience. He has also published and showcased his experiences on the Doug Dvorak blog; informative articles, gripping posts, observations, business management recommendations, staff improvement and much more. He also travels and practices his craft on a regular basis. This allows him to interact with people from all industries, sectors, niches, and walks of life. Similarly, he is able to fine-tune his skills based on personal and business-related experiences.

Doug delivers keynote presentations around the world. In fact, he speaks at conferences over 75 times a year and has traveled to over 107 countries His clients include Marriott, Discover Cards, Unilever, Intel, Cisco and many mothers. With individually-tailored content coupled with personal messages and unique humor, Doug’s energy alone is enough to electrify and woo audiences all over the world. With innovative and cutting-edge presentations, Doug is able to:

– Deliver unique brand messages with true inspiration, humor, stories and insight.

– Boost audiences’ ability to clearly outline, clarify and achieve their goals.

– Helps businesses and individuals understand the importance of change — not fear it.

– Help companies increase leads, sales, conversion rates, productivity, and performance.

– Improving leadership skills, enhance team-building endeavors, and get everyone on the same page towards achieving desired personal — business goals.

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