Assessing Home Care Nursing Services

by | May 26, 2016 | Healthcare

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Finding in home nursing care for a loved one, particularly if the loved one is living on their own, is a very new and unfamiliar experience for most people. For adult children seeking care for an elderly parent, having the right professional in the home is going to be a critical factor.
Taking the time to find home care nursing services that provides the level of care required for the senior is important. Reading online reviews and learning as much as possible about the service is always a good first step.

Ideally, look for home health care services with a history of providing top quality services to their clients. There are always new services starting up and then going out of business, but established services have a proven track record of exceptional patient care and support.

Qualifications and Training of Staff

Check to make sure the home care nursing provider under consideration has the appropriate licenses. These licenses will be issued by the state where services are provided. Most companies will have a license as a residential service agency, nursing referral service or as a home care agency. It is not uncommon for a top agency to hold multiple licenses as a business.

Additionally, the staff of the home health care provider will also be licensed nurses or will have the certification required for nursing assistants in medical settings. These professionals will also have a current CPR certification, have a clean background check and also have insurance.
They will be fully screened and vetted prior to employment with the service, ensuring that only caring, compassionate and qualified professionals are on staff.

On Call Services

Not all of the home health care providers will offer 24-hour on call services. For families living away from their elderly parent or parents, this is an important factor to consider.

With the ability to contact the service at any time, the family has the peace of mind to know their loved one is safe. Additionally, services can schedule care to match the needs of the patient and to address issues that may be of concern to the family such as medication monitoring or ensuring the client is eating balanced and nutritious meals.

Levels of Services Offered

With the best home care nursing services there are levels or options in care planning to address the complete range of needs from occasional support on a weekly basis to continual care.

Additionally, the caregivers will be able to provide support if the patient is hospitalized, is moved into a nursing home or if hospice care is required. By offering a full range of services the health care provider can deliver the support needed for the patient both immediately as well as into the future.

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