All You Need to Know About High Performance Paint

Paint has been used on the walls for hundreds of thousands of years. Historians have found residue of dried paint on archaeological sites dating back to 100,000 years. The use of charcoal, magnesium oxide and hematite in order to draw cave paintings over 40,000 years ago show that paint has been used prominently in many cultures. Nowadays, painting the house is a requirement. There are different types of paints available, such as dry erase paint, colored paints, distemper, etc. A different type of paint may be required depending upon the location. For instance, interior paints are different from exterior paints. High performance paint is applied to the exterior of the house in order to protect the walls from weather changes, rain and other elements. Since the interior is already protected from external factors, standard paints can be used.

What is High Performance Paint?

High performance paint is more durable and resistant as compared to standard paints. Depending upon the conditions, several coats may be applied on the walls to provide maximum protection. These paints are available in different colors, and are mainly designed to withstand different atmospheric conditions.

Why Use High Performance Paint?

Exterior painting projects are very different from interior painting projects. A painter must take in to account the different conditions and requirements of the exterior before applying paint. For instance, if the area experiences a lot of rain, special, weather resistant, high performance paint will be applied. This is because rain water contains a number of elements that can cause major damage to the walls. For instance, acid rain contains increased levels of hydrogen ions, which can significantly damage infrastructure. That is why high performance paint is required on the exterior.

Can You Use Any Type of High Performance Paint?

It is unwise to use any type of high performance paint without proper consultation. Always hire a professional painter for their opinion about the type of paint that you should apply on the exterior of your house. Different areas have different atmospheric conditions. One area might experience an arid climate most of the year, whereas another might experience a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Different types of paints are required for different climates. Paint manufacturing companies usually provide guidance to customers about which version is best for their homes.

This type of paint is slightly more expensive when compared with standard paints. But, they are also more resistant, and can easily last five to ten years in external conditions. They cannot necessarily be termed as stronger than standard paints, since they include a different set of constituents than standard paints. They are also applied in industrial buildings and factories.

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