Air Conditioner Repair in Marietta:

Everyone loves to lay under an air conditioner, especially during summers with rising levels of mercury. However, what if one fine morning, you suddenly wake-up to realize that your AC is no longer working. It is a headache to spend your weekend running after someone to repair your AC. In fact, counting the fun that you will be missing without an AC just for the sake of being unprepared is a grave situation. Moreover, such instances are more probable to occur, as like every other equipment, AC too has a life and needs regular maintenance.


Air conditioner repair in Marietta is a part of big business. If you go out to find a technician to deal with AC repair work in summer, then you may find yourself in a jiffy. Summers are hot here in Marietta and most people like keeping themselves cool under AC. However, if you check the records, most ACs fail during summers. Interestingly, they turn you down, when you need them the most. The reason for this could be many, but they all root from one common origin, lack of periodic checks or maintenance. If you own an AC, then it becomes your responsibility to service your AC after each season, so that it performs at its best. Moreover, a periodic check could help prevent such breakdowns.


If you have placed your AC on the top most floor of your house, then there are chances that you AC may consume more power units to perform. Further, if you keep your AC under such strenuous situations for too long, then its coil might get burned due to over-heating. Such situations are preventable provided you take up task of regularly checking the appliance. In addition, it has to do with the kind of use you make with the AC. It is ideal to keep AC running between too high or too low, as running for too long on heavy mode of work may bring an early breakdown for the unit. Further, it can also cost you huge electricity bills as well.

Choose it Right:

A lot depends on the choice of equipment you choose at the time of buying it. Most service providers of air conditioner repair in Marietta are aware about the fact that a 0.5-ton AC may not go well to cover big areas such as halls. Unnecessarily, it will put more load on the AC’s compressor to make it work more stressfully and eventually spoiling it. Bigger rooms require more than 1.5 or 2.0-ton heavy duty AC, a normal AC would not help much here. Hence, the health of your AC absolutely depends on which make you choose for cooling your room. However, heavy duty AC may cost you a little more, but they serve better in bigger rooms, as they put less pressure on compressors. Moreover, they have bigger compressors to carry out the work of cooling efficiently. Thus, apart from regular maintenance, the model or make of your AC also affect its life.

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