Achieve an Important Milestone with an Entertaining Potty Chair

Here is a hypothetical question: Do you think it would be easier to toilet train a toddler using a potty chair that has colorful graphics and a magazine rack that looks like the rear end of a car or one that is painted as a delightful garden with a butterfly magazine rack? The typical potty chair is actually quite uninspiring, making it more difficult for keep a toddler’s attention long enough to finish the process. Using kids furniture designed to attract a young child’s attention is the ideal way to turn an important lesson into a chance to use a very special chair that is all his or her own.

When potty training time arrives, mother is always relieved. It means no more diapers and no more worrying about accidents. However, potty training takes a lot of patience on the part of the parent teaching the child. Invariably, children refuse to cooperate initially. Using a potty chair designed and painted in a way to make it entertaining to sit on it can take some of the stress out of the process.

A child needs to be ready to learn potty training. You cannot force it to happen if the toddler is not able to follow directions or is unable to pull pants up and down. Unfortunately, some parents believe that is the biological age of the child that dictates when potty training should start. Yet it is the emotional and intellectual age that is much more important.

Do You See the Signs?

There are many signs that indicate a child is ready to begin potty training. For example, when you purchase the gaily painted potty chair, does the toddler show any interest in it after you show how the lid goes up and down and you place the child on the chair? Can the toddler get on and off the potty chair without assistance?

Other indications a child is ready for potty training include showing through words or facial expressions that it is time to use the chair or complaining about a diaper that is uncomfortable and needs changing. In other words, the toddler is indicating a growing understanding that the diaper is not the best option and that the chair holds interest.

Even after a potty chair is purchased, it may need to sit unused for a while. It is important to encourage but not rush potty training. Trying to force a child to potty train can make the process take even longer. The chair can wait until you detect the signs that potty training should start. Once potty training time arrives, the chair can be placed in the bathroom, and the toddler encouraged to sit on it. In the early stages, letting the toddler play with a toy while sitting on the potty can encourage the child to remain on the chair until the duty is done. If nothing happens, do not be discouraged. Just remember to praise the child and then try again later in the day.

Keeping the End Goal in Sight

There are delightful potty chairs sold today that can be converted into toddler rocking chairs once potty training is completed. These chairs help a toddler reach and pass a milestone as the child continues to grow and learn. Potty training can easily turn into a frustrating experience if not approached with the right attitude. Use a colorful potty chair, call upon a lot of patience, and always keep the end goal in mind. One day, dirty diapers will only be a memory.

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