A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Muskegon, MI Should Be Contacted After An Injury On the Job Has Occurred

In Michigan, if a painful or disabling injury happened on the job, an individual should contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Muskegon MI immediately. Workers are entitled to a variety of benefits including payment of their medical bills and lost wages. The complex worker’s compensation system is very complex and difficult to understand. A form that isn’t properly completed or a missed deadline could cause the denial or stoppage of benefits. An injured worker should always tell their supervisor when they’ve been hurt on the job. A cut that may appear small and not important could become infected and cause a more serious injury.

A worker in Michigan can receive compensation for any job-related injury, and it doesn’t matter who is at fault. When a worker has missed seven or more consecutive days of work, they are entitled to compensation. This is based on 80% of a worker’s after-tax average weekly wage. The amount of the salary can be miscalculated when a worker’s pay varies from week to week due to overtime or other added incentives. If someone’s new to a company, a seasonal employee, or a temporary worker, a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Muskegon MI will make sure the wages are calculated fairly for the worker.

Worker’s compensation is a very expensive insurance that Michigan businesses must provide, and they will do everything possible to avoid paying a claim and increasing their rates. Employers have been known to tell an employee to give their medical bills to the company, and they’ll pay them. When the employee follows their direction, the company refuses to pay them. Another thing they will try to do is force an employee back to work before they’re able to perform any work duties. An experienced worker’s compensation lawyer can guide an injured worker through every step of the process, so these types of events don’t occur.

If you’ve suffered an injury at work such as carpal tunnel or an injury to the hand, should, neck, back or knee, organ damage, an occupational disease, psychiatric or neurological problems, toxic poisoning, or any other type of injury at work, contact Bleakley Law Offices P C immediately.

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