A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Bel Air May Help Document Injuries

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Many claims denied by worker’s compensation insurers are legitimate, forcing claimants to hire workers compensation lawyer in Bel Air. There are many reasons insurers deny claims, and some of the primary reasons are:

  • The injury was not witnessed
  • It wasn’t reported immediately
  • There are discrepancies between medical records and the accident report
  • The presence of illegal drugs in your body
  • Filing a claim after being fired
  • Refusal to give a statement to insurers

Below, we will discuss some of the reasons for worker’s compensation claim denial.

Unwitnessed Injuries

Insurers do not like paying claims for unwitnessed injuries, and they view them with a great deal of skepticism. If you are hurt on the job and no one sees, you cannot change that fact – but you can help your case by reporting the injury right away, and by offering the same story to everyone.

Delayed Reporting

Insurance companies prefer claimants to report injuries immediately. They assume that if the injury isn’t quickly reported, it isn’t that serious. In most states, worker’s cop laws require fast reporting of injuries. If you are injured at work, report it right away and file an accident report.

Discrepancies Between Reports and Records

Worker’s comp insurers often deny claims if the employee’s statement is inconsistent with the facts of the case. If you report the injury one way, but tell your doctor something different, your case will be negatively affected. When you tell people about the injury, be sure to keep your story the same each time you tell it.

Filing a Claim After a Layoff

If an employee files a claim and is then fired or laid off, the claim may be denied. Insurers typically assume these claims are made as a form of revenge, and this is another reason why it’s important to file a claim right away.

Insurers often ask injured workers to give or sign a statement concerning the injuries and the accident. This puts the worker in a difficult position because, as a rule, giving a recorded statement won’t help your case if you don’t hire a lawyer. If you are being pressured to sign a medical release, you should consult a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Bel Air.