A virtual office in Los Angeles can be yours and it is not a dream

A Beverley Hills address?

Yes. Your own personal address without a Po box number. With a virtual office in Los Angeles you get the added credibility of a top class address. Not just a blank white space, but an area filled with individuals working for and with you. After all we have not been the winners of the Award of Excellence for seven consecutive years, which is more than any other server in California.

A meeting room to meet and pitch to your customers?

Yes. A top class meeting area, set up to meet your own personal needs, for you to meet your guests in comfort whilst having the back up support team to handle any of their or your needs. Coffee, sandwiches, use of the phone or whatever. You name it and with a virtual office in Los Angeles it will provided.

A receptionist to meet and greet my guests?

Yes. A person who will be proud to represent you and your company in a professional way, at your own virtual office in Los Angeles. Very well trained so as to have details of the nature of the meeting and of course a knowledge of your company. The reception hosts can be fluent in both English and Spanish.

A pick up and delivery service for all my mail?

Yes. No waiting for the courier whilst you could be out working, or maybe even on the golf course. Just rely on them to receive all of your deliveries for you, and deliver them to your designated address, no matter what size and amount. Just treat the virtual office in Los Angeles as your own.

A large bill at the end of it , no doubt?

No. Sorry to use that word, since the company only like to say yes. The services at your virtual offices in Los Angeles will be personally designed for you. They will represent excellent value,and provide you with the confidence of a great team of people here to support you whilst you are doing what you are developing your business at the sharp end. If it all sounds too good to be true then please come and meet us at their offices, or look at the internet for the recommendations from their customers to give you more reassurance. You can try the company with one task, of whatever nature.

Consult Tel-us for quality virtual office Los Angeles services. They offer everything from mailing address to virtual receptionist.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

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