A New Look at Frozen Feeders

If you scour the market today for high-quality frozen feeder rodents, chicks, and feeder insects you may learn a lot by visiting a facility that houses these feeders. The companies that specialize in the production of these feeding animals take pride in raising them in a healthy and controlled environment. The animals are fed and given water under the best conditions. They are housed on shredded bedding and cleaned weekly. They have staff on hand to watch over the feeders on a daily basis to insure their safety and excellent growth.

The Operations of these Facilities
It is apparent that the breeders that maintain the finest facilities offer their customers the same high-quality rodents that they feed to their own reptiles. They offer an affordable product that provides an excellent value. They take painstaking measures that assure freshness and finely packaged product that their customers have come to appreciate. When you visit their operations, look around and see how the building accommodates the feeders. Notice that there is plenty of room for them to move around. They have fresh air and space available to thrive.

The owners and operators of these fine facilities feel that the rodents raised for frozen feeders deserve the same fine care as all animals that are raised. Everything is kept clean and is not overcrowded. All the animals in their care are treated humanely and with respect.

What Types of Feeders are Available?
Many different sizes of frozen feeders are available from very small to extra-large mice, rats, African soft-furred rats, day-old chicks, feeder insects, et cetera. If you know what type of feeder animals you need, just call the facility to see what is available. Getting to know the owners and operators ahead of time is one of the best ways to feel comfortable ordering what you need. They will be able to answer questions and point you in the right direction.

How Should the Products That I Order Be Delivered?
They should be vacuum-sealed in flat packages. The small pinkies (several-day old mice) should be flash-frozen before packaging for easy separation. All of the feeders should be accurately sized for maximum value to the client. All packaging should be clean and the feeders healthy-looking.

Contact the experts at website with any questions you may have or if you would like to visit their facility. They are a family-owned company and take pride in their quality and fine environmental control of their product.

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