A Closer Look At White Gloss Kitchens

Most homeowners dislike their kitchen and want to modernise it. If you’re currently looking for new, trendier options, you may want to take a closer look at white gloss kitchens, which can provide the ultimate style for a contemporary home. To achieve this look, you’ll want to hire a professional, such as Zesta Kitchens. They will be able to help you find the right materials and options for your kitchen.


The cabinets will have a high-gloss feature, which means they will reflect light and shine, even on dreary days. They usually have no designs or patterns and are completely blank of colour to pop and stand apart from all the other white items in the area.


Benchtops are also white and have a high-gloss appeal. They will shine and reflect light, which can brighten up the area and make it more noticeable. However, you can also choose to use white marble or granite to add a touch of colour if you prefer.


The furniture is simplistic in nature and also shows the minimalist appeal. Most people choose to use silver stools or white with black. You’ll also find black tables, either made of wood or another material. This helps add a touch of colour and pull the whole thing together.


Accessories should be kept to a minimum, but can include a bright flower arrangement to add a pop of colour. You can also choose to add pops of colour throughout the kitchen, including rugs and other items. Most of the flooring is usually done in wood, but you can choose tile, as well.

Lighting can be modern and may include hanging vases of light. In most cases, opaque or crystal is used to reflect even more light from the sun, though other materials can be utilised, as well.

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