A Child’s Cavity Can Be Treated With Dentistry For Children in Port Orchard, WA

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Loan

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As a parent, it can be stressful finding out a child has a cavity. Parents do all they can to protect their child’s health, including that of their smile. Unfortunately, cavities can develop even when a child’s teeth are brushed and flossed every day. It is important cavities are treated with Dentistry For Children in Port Orchard Wa.

What Can Parents and Children Expect?

When a child sees the dentist for a cavity, it is important for parents to help keep their child calm and as stress-free as possible. The staff will also help with this by making a child feel as comfortable as possible.

The child will first be given anesthesia. Many dentists use two types of anesthesia to help their patients remain comfortable. Laughing gas helps them to feel slightly sleepy, while numbing injections will prevent any pain. The dentist will not begin filling the tooth until the child is completely numb.

Will the Child Be in Pain?

Parents are typically very concerned about their child being in any kind of pain. No one wants to see their child suffer. Thankfully, tooth fillings rarely cause any major discomfort. The child should feel nothing during the procedure and only mild discomfort as the feeling returns.

It can be helpful for a child to be fed a soft foods diet for a couple of days. Most children will feel some level of discomfort from the injections more than the work that was done on their tooth. A soft foods diet will help with sensitive gum tissues.

Children can be given Tylenol to help with the discomfort. It is important a parent discusses this with their dentist or pediatrician to ensure they are giving the right dose. This will help a child to better manage any discomfort they may feel.

If your child has a cavity, knowing what to expect from the process can set your mind at ease. With Dentistry For Children in Port Orchard Wa, children’s smiles can be protected so their cavities do not spread to other teeth and cause major damage. Call for your child’s appointment today so their smile can be treated.