How to Know If Your Brakes Are Bad: Brake Repair Services in Brick, NJ

Brakes are one of the essential safety features in a car. Sadly, most drivers only care about the engines and the exterior design. When brakes fail, bad things are very likely to occur and you can avoid that if you know the signs of a faulty brake system.

What Are the Signs That Your Brakes Are Failing?

Squeaking or Grinding Noises

If you hear any high-pitched sounds while driving but the brakes seize when you hit them, then that is a sign that your brake pads have worn out and there is contact with the rotor. Continuous contact between the brake pad and rotor can damage the rotors, which will result in the need for expensive brake repair services.

Grinding sounds can be related to pieces of stones stuck in your brakes, overdue brake servicing, and, in some cases, lack of lubrication.

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Vibration When Braking

If you feel vibrations any time that you press the brake pedal, it is a sign of uneven brake rotors, which is terrible news. This is a result of rust and wear of the discs.

Other possible causes are irregular releasing of the brake caliper, wear and tear of the piston, and bad wheel lug nut installation.

Leaking Fluid

If you notice leakage of brake fluid from your master cylinder, then you are about to experience soft braking and you need brake repair services. The brake fluid is what provides the pads enough power to grip the rotor. When it starts leaking, the power decreases and this leads to spongy brakes.

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Car Pulling to One Side

When a car pulls over to one side when braking, it is the result of a lousy brake hose or caliper.

Other signs of trouble include:

  • Burning smell while driving, which is related to overheated brakes or clutch
  • Dashboard brake light on, which is a signal for inspection

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