Your Selected Injury Attorneys In Fort Myers Assist You In Personal Injury Claims

Injury Attorneys in Fort Myers discover the facts in a personal injury case. It is the facts that build a strong foundation that leads to an effective presentation. It is through an effective representation of the facts that your attorney can win your lawsuit. And in winning your personal injury case you will receive the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Calculating Your Proposed Settlement

Injury Attorneys in Fort Myers calculate settlements based on the severity of your injury in terms of whether you are able to return to your job once you recover. They also review your medical costs associated with these injuries. This includes testing, surgery, and the cost of medications used to treat the injury. Next they consider your pain and suffering. And finally, they consider the total value of wages you lost while you were unable to work. All of these factors are calculated to come to an overall settlement to cover these costs.

Settlement Offers

Within the litigation process, the opposing party may come to a probable settlement offer. This offer is made in hopes of avoiding a trial. However, your attorney will review this settlement offer to determine whether or not it is adequate enough for you to accept. You have the right to accept any offer made by the opposition at any given time. Your attorney will review with you any alternative options as they present themselves.

The Duration of the Lawsuit

A lawsuit within itself may last a few months or up to a year depending upon the likelihood that your opposition will come to an agreement. However, in this process, it is solely up to the judge, whether you receive this compensation and how much he or she feels you deserve based on the facts presented. The judge has the final say in litigation processes, including personal Injury Attorneys in Fort Myers cases.

Your attorney will advise you throughout this process and update you in regard to any scheduled court appearances. At any time, there is a change in your case, your attorney will contact you directly. He or she can inform you of an approximate length of time it will take for you to conclude your case.

Injury Lawyers Fort Myers

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