Your Questions Answered About Home Cleanup After A Fire

If you’ve had a house fire, you may not know where to start to clean up the mess. Take the stress off yourself and contact a professional company that specializes in Fire Damage Restoration in Vacaville CA. In addition to being messy, cleaning up after a fire can be unsafe. The professionals can have your house and personal belongings restored quickly, and that’s less stress on you and your family. The information below will answer your questions about hiring a company for fire damage restoration.

Q.) What can a homeowner expect after contacting a professional company for fire damage restoration?

A.) When a homeowner contacts the restoration company, the representative will begin the process by asking relevant questions about the fire damage. The representative may want to know how many rooms have fire damage and if there’s also water damage in the home from putting out the fire. By asking these questions, the crew will know what type of equipment to bring to the residence to begin the cleanup and restoration process. As soon as the crew arrives, they’ll inspect the premises to see how much fire, smoke, and water damage is present. The crew will immediately begin drying out the residence if there’s water damage. Next, the crew begins cleaning up the black soot and smoke from all the surfaces in the house. After the soot is removed, the crew cleans and sanitizes everything in the home that’s damaged. After this process is finished, the restoration crew begins making the repairs restore the home, so it’s livable again.

Q.) Why should homeowners hire a restoration company instead of cleaning up the mess themselves?

A.) A company that specializes in Fire Damage Restoration in Vacaville CA, has the experience, skills, and equipment to properly clean, deodorize, and restore any size home after a fire. Walking inside of a burned house is very unsafe because of burned electrical wires and the potential for tripping and falling over debris. Homeowners can cause additional damage to surfaces and possessions if they don’t clean them using the correct methods.

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