Your Questions Answered About Common AC Repairs In Chicago Loop

Air conditioning systems usually work for many years without any major problems. When an air conditioner does malfunction, many homeowners don’t have any idea why their unit has stopped working. Sometimes the solution is simple, and a homeowner can get the unit working again with a few troubleshooting tips. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about common air conditioning problems before you contact a technician who specializes in AC Repairs in Chicago Loop.

Q.) What’s wrong with the air conditioner when there isn’t any cool air flowing out of the floor vents?

A.) A homeowner should first examine the outside air conditioning unit and observe the fan to find out if it’s turning. If the fan has stopped, the next step is to check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped and needs to be reset. If this doesn’t solve the problem, a technician should be called to inspect the thermostat and check the wiring for any loose or frayed connections. If the fan is running, the technician will check the blower mower to see if it’s faulty.

Q.) What causes warm air to blow out of the air conditioner instead of cold air?

A.) There are various reasons why cool air doesn’t blow out of an air conditioner. If proper maintenance isn’t regularly performed on an air conditioner, some of the components can get dirty, and this keeps the unit from working efficiently. To determine the exact problem, a technician will first look at the filter and change it if necessary. If the unit still blows out warm air, the blower wheel or evaporator coil could be caked with dirt and dust. A technician will clean these parts and then test the air conditioner to see if it works correctly. The last step is to test the refrigerant level in the unit. If it’s low on this liquid, the technician who performs AC Repairs in Chicago Loop can add some to the system.

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