Your Options With For Dissociative Disorder Treatment

There are a large number of people in El Paso, Texas as well as around the country that think of dissociative disorders as only what used to be called multiple personality disorder. In fact, this is only one of a group of subcategories under this general umbrella category.  Getting dissociative disorder treatment starts with seeking helps and getting a right diagnosis.

Symptoms of Dissociative Disorder by Type
The psychiatrist or mental health professional in El Paso, Texas that completes an evaluation will determine which types of disorder is present and which dissociative disorder treatment will be most effective.

Dissociative identity disorder or DID is the current term for what used to be called multiple personality disorder. It is a relatively uncommon disorder that occurs in less than 1% of the population and includes an individual having more than one distinct personality that are different than each other.

Dissociative amnesia, in which part or all of person’s recollection is blocked, typically around something stressful, as well as depersonalization disorder, where a person feels detached from themselves, are other disorders in this group. These is also a very rare fugue disorder where a person can simple forget who and where they are and travel, sometimes for hours or months, until they recall their identity.

What Dissociative Disorder Treatment Works?
Depending on the individual and the diagnosis the most effect dissociative disorder treatment may be psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, and perhaps specific types of medications. This condition is often found with depression, anxiety and PTSD and those concurrent conditions will determine the best medicines to consider.

Any dissociative disorder treatment is not a cure for the disorder, but it does provide the patient with the skills needed to manage the symptoms. Individuals that complete their full treatment program and also continue to seek support for other mental health issues that may be present, such as depression or anxiety, will have a very good prognosis for management and prevention of reoccurring episodes throughout their life.

The challenge for many patients with dissociative disorder treatment in El Paso, Texas is to get the right diagnosis. Since this is a very complex disorder seeking specialized help from a psychiatrist familiar with diagnosis and treatment of dissociative disorder is important.

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